In the silence but being pummeled

I am writing this blog tonight because I wanted to share what I’ve been experiencing the last few days: I have been cranky! Very, very irritable and set in my perspective. I feel annoyances and persecution very strongly and it is like I have no choice but to let it come and fade away. Also, really, really bad headaches, mostly in the back right of my head and neck. I think the energy is really nailing us right now and passed lives/stored emotions are releasing themselves. I do hope this is the case, as I do not like the person I have been exhibiting.
As I am sure all of you are aware, Comet Ison survived the perihelion (yay! The little ‘comet’ that could!) and there are many, many different theories of what it is as well as what it is going to ‘do.’ All I will say is that I love that little (actually not so little) guy and I know he’s got a great purpose. Let us try to look to the future and expect the very best: the happy ending we see oh so often in movies where everything is tied up with a little bow on top. We watch those and think to ourselves ‘There aren’t endings like that on earth…’ well I’d like to create the reality where there are ‘endings’ like that. As we all know, there is never any ‘ending’… but to this dark night of my soul: I’d like to see you end like a fairy tale.
Sending you love and support whoever you are. ❤


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