“PAIN” is not TRUTH……

This line was specifically meant for me tonight: ‘Whilst you believe that to “LOVE” involves emotional pain then you are contained within a construct that seeks to keep you from opening your heart space. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE. ‘

Truth Codes Ministries

Many of you at this time may be in deep frustration around the manifestation of that which resides deep within your heart space. I have blogged upon the creation of the New Earth and my two latest books Birthing the New Earth and Exiting the Old 3D earth reality cover the various aspects of releasing the frequencies that hold you to the old 3D earth reality.

The “Pain Body” is often talked about and discussed especially within what is termed “spirituality”, this teaching seeks to teach that the “pain body” is that which surrounds our human vehicles. When someone triggers you then you are taught that this is the triggering of said pain body.  This is a deeply distorted teaching for many have anchored this as TRUTH and have allowed the old 3D earth reality to teach them to ACCEPT that the pain body is something that comes along with…

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Orgonite Pendants

Orgonite Pendants

Green Flower of Life (4)

For those of you who don’t know, I have been making orgone or orgonite pendants for a couple of months now. I have some up for sale in my Etsy shop- follow the link at the top to see. I was divinely directed how exactly to make them. They feature the Zodiac signs, Sacred Geometry (including the Flower of Life, Octahedron/Metatron’s Cube) and Chakra pieces. I can also do special orders with different colors, etc.
Here is a fellow blogger explaining Orgone and how it works:

Yellow Light

“Yellow Light”

I’m looking for a place to start,
But everything feels so different now.

Just grab a hold of my hand,
I will lead you through this wonderland.

Water up to my knees,
But sharks are swimming in the sea.

Just follow my yellow light
And ignore all those big warning signs.

Somewhere deep in the dark
A howling beast hears us talk.

I dare you to close your eyes
And see all the colors in disguise.

Running into the night,
The earth is shaking and I see a light.
The light is blinding my eyes
As the soft walls eat us alive.

I miss you….

I miss you….

‘I long for you when I cannot hear your voice and my heart is dry as the dust….There is no one else beside you. In the darkest night, in the wilderness.’ -Fernando Ortega

GOD message to humanity 10th March 2014

Feels like this was specifically talking to me tonight

Truth Codes Ministries

Beloved ones I use the context of GOD to communicate with you for the human logical mind has no reference point to my energies so I use the context in order that you can align with my energies and you can allow this energy to be processed through your HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.  I come to speak through this channel and to expand on my earlier communications for the energies now begin to heighten and to expand and the rapid birth of the dreams of the human race now begin to take shape and begin to form.  This is a personal and unique experience and the letting go is the topic that I wish to communicate with you at this moment. For within the old 3d earth created reality you were TAUGHT at all moments of all moments to HOLD ON, whether this be to that which…

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In the silence but being pummeled

I am writing this blog tonight because I wanted to share what I’ve been experiencing the last few days: I have been cranky! Very, very irritable and set in my perspective. I feel annoyances and persecution very strongly and it is like I have no choice but to let it come and fade away. Also, really, really bad headaches, mostly in the back right of my head and neck. I think the energy is really nailing us right now and passed lives/stored emotions are releasing themselves. I do hope this is the case, as I do not like the person I have been exhibiting.
As I am sure all of you are aware, Comet Ison survived the perihelion (yay! The little ‘comet’ that could!) and there are many, many different theories of what it is as well as what it is going to ‘do.’ All I will say is that I love that little (actually not so little) guy and I know he’s got a great purpose. Let us try to look to the future and expect the very best: the happy ending we see oh so often in movies where everything is tied up with a little bow on top. We watch those and think to ourselves ‘There aren’t endings like that on earth…’ well I’d like to create the reality where there are ‘endings’ like that. As we all know, there is never any ‘ending’… but to this dark night of my soul: I’d like to see you end like a fairy tale.
Sending you love and support whoever you are.❤

Aion Portal Participant’s Experience on Nov 23 2013 @ 3:11 pm


If you haven’t heard about the global convergence that took place today at 3:11 my time zone, here is a link explaining the event:

I put myself into a meditative state to focus on an easy transition into the new for ALL (who wish for it) on our earth, and connected with everyone here and elsewhere in the universe who were taking part. I found that right around 3:11, I got a vivid visual/had an experience of an arm reaching out of my heart center as I focused on it opening. It was clear, unlike my body, and reached up to grab or touch what looked like the surface of the water we were underneath. It didn’t break like the water’s surface, though. It was more like a rally point. I could see all of the others who were connecting through this conciousness also up there with me. The surface was blue and rippling from the center out. It seemed to be above the earth.

Did anybody else experience anything like this while participating in the Aion portal?

Miracles and the NOW

Thank you!

Truth Codes Ministries

Many are unable to accept the miracles that are attempting to birth through, around and within them at this time.  Miracles are that which seems “impossible” and I would guide you strongly to understand that NOTHING is impossible, you have merely been taught over and over again to believe that something is impossible.  This blog may  trigger many of you, for many of you may also fall to the teachings of illusion that seek to teach you that someone writing a blog such as this has it all figured out. I am in human form and as such have work to do as ALL have work to do, that work is to clear the debris of the old 3d earth paradigms as it comes up for release within me.

There is never a moment when you can sit back and say “ok I have reached all I can reach” for…

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TRUTH and the new human reality

Describes me now. It’s like you have a camera on me😉 Thank you!

Truth Codes Ministries

For many of you the last 3 linear days or even longer may have been a time when you felt at a loss of who you were and what was happening. The 3d overlay in place being the full moon and solar eclipse.  The influx of the higher dimensional energies will have seen many of you release lifetimes of pain and trauma and this may have been in various ways, from the very physical being sick to the emotional response of tears/ anger. No matter how you chose at a human conscious waking mind level to let go the letting go may have been intense. The reason for this release is to help you move fully into the new higher dimensional timeline of TRUTH. Unlike the timelines in which you have lived for aeons the NEW EARTH timeline is ONE timeline that exists in multiple dimensions.

I would ask you…

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No one is alone


October 26th was a bad day for me. I’m thinking it could have to do with the solar flairs hitting us right now. I don’t know if I am the only one, and if not, I’d love to hear from my readers.

I came down with what seems to be a bad cold that night along with everything else. After dealing for a couple of days, I asked for some sort of encounter/guidance/something while I slept last night. The virus is very simply only the outside of what is going on on the inside.
Around 4 am, I woke up drenched in sweat. I have never experienced that before. I’ve of course heard of it happening, even to people in my family, but I hadn’t ever dealt with it. I hadn’t been having nightmares, either. I have read about it with ‘abduction victims’ before.

My first thought was that it was due to my ‘virus’, but then I rolled over and just so happened to look out my window through the small crack between the wall and my curtain. I saw a bright light move into view, no stars around it, just black night. I instantly thought I was watching a plane, but then it stopped dead and began to flash in many different colors.

Now I was half awake half asleep at this point, but it made me feel good to see it. I think that I was given assistance last night from my friends. I feel much better this morning- emotionally and physically. They even stopped to wave goodbye.

I have found that within days, I can go from from end of the spectrum to another: feeling like I am alone in the universe to feeling like there are beings out there who are helping me. And why? Because they are loving and they care that this hasn’t been a walk in the park.
You may be feeling alone, but know that this is never the case.

‘Sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood. Do not let it grieve you, no one leaves for good. You are not alone. No one is alone.‘ – Into the Woods